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Wanbang international Zhejiang Academy of agriculture in preaching a great success

October 28th afternoon, I was invited to the Secretary of agriculture and Commerce in Zhejiang, Career Academy, in the school of nearly 200 students to talk about the situation, received a warm welcome to the presence of teachers and students. This activity is mainly in order to further implement the cooperation scheme, opened the prelude to the formation of school sophomore 2015 Zhejiang agriculture college, Wanbang international freight agent named class.

Naming classes will to "dynamic management, the survival of the fittest; quantitative assessment, credits replacement; dedication, good faith compliance; combination of engineering, power taught principle, by both the school and the enterprise sending teachers, depth of school enterprise cooperation in the development of new models, training post industry practical talents.

After the registration, qualification examination, interview, signing four stages to complete the group class, Zhejiang Academy of agriculture and commerce, Wanbang international freight agent naming classes for a total of 30 people. Title class learning is divided into three levels, the first level for primary stage (third term), on the basis of the basic theory of knowledge learning, interspersed with small amounts of experiential training courses; second dimension is the phase of ascension (fourth term), in the deepening of theoretical knowledge and practical training; the third level is advanced stage (the fifth and sixth semester) into enterprises Dinggang internship.

In the end I wish the school enterprise cooperation smoothly, schools and enterprises to obtain a win-win situation.