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At the end of 2014 years will be on

Wanbang company after 4 years of wind and rain, came to the 2015, 2014 business to review and significantly improved. This is inseparable from the overseers of the hard work, the company in 2014 have several great changes, the first company to from the previous Di swing Metro relocation to the next to the Shaoxing Municipal Government - Jinghu new area, and Shaoxing customs only hundreds of meters in the distance. Then the company in 2014 introduced various positions in a large number of outstanding talents, for the company's competitiveness enhancement can be described as building blocks. We Wanbang company also took the lead in lead rail sea intermodal transport project in Shaoxing area promotion, to a large extent save transport time, rail sea intermodal transport can implement different customs clearance, reduce intermediate links, to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises. Finally, the promotion of the integration of the declaration, for the company to improve the efficiency of customs declaration, for enterprises to change a single more convenient, but also to obtain a certain subsidy.


After a year of hard work, all the staff together held an annual meeting, not only the feelings of contact, but also to resolve some small contradictions at work, it is indeed extremely meaningful. Annual meeting at the beginning of Feng Zong's first speech, shocked the audience, greatly inspired the momentum. The staff members each performing their own specialty programs, the business department of Zhu Yongbao often is the most distinctive. His guitar solo as the finale of the show, won the praise of all staff. The annual meeting of the midway also interspersed a sweepstakes, every employee regardless of luck is very poor, to reclaim their prizes, particularly happy at ease. This year will increase the cohesion of the company staff to a certain extent, the results are quite good.