Shaoxing Wanbang International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Address:Room No. 1301, Huanyu Building, No. 300 West Fenglin Road,Jinghu New District,Shaoxing City.





Warmly celebrate the Wanbang international moved to new premises!!!

Shaoxing Wan Bang International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.


Comprehensive Department of the word "001" No. 2014



Notice the company moved to new premises


To the vast number of customers and friends, friends and colleagues

Shaoxing Wanbang International Freight Agency Co., Ltd. due to the expansion of the scale of the company's development, at present the office environment has already been no longer suitable for the company's development need, now the company decided to move to the new premises.

One company address:

The company is located in the intersection of West Road and Jiefang Road, Fenglin Huanyu headquarters No. 12A01.
The official address is Shaoxing city Jinghu District Fenglin Road No. 300 Huanyu building 12A01.


Two a time.

On October 7, 2014, after the National Day in October 8th the new company to work.



So far housewarming exultation, all staff of the company, to the vast number of new and old customers and years to support the development of the company of friends and colleagues to express heartfelt thanks! The inconvenience brought to you customer work in the occasion of the celebration. We apologize for I hope everyone, as always, support and encouragement!


     Notice is hereby notified


Shaoxing Wan Bang International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

Issuer (General Manager): Feng Guanfu

September 28, 2014