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Qiandao Lake travel documentary in May 2014

Qiandao Lake an air fresh garden town, as early as well-known in the outside, but the Chunan is unknown. The company organized a two day tour, the mood is very happy, I can have a good rest rest.

In the early morning of May 10th we set out with a feeling of anticipation. Our first stop is to Yaolin Wonderland, very beautiful cave. Light with a resplendent with variegated coloration of all kinds of strange stalactites, particularly eye-catching. Shoot the scene is colorful, magnificent, like a fairyland. No wonder people are called the place where God lives.

After a journey, we went back to the hotel. This time we choose a environment elegant quiet hotel - South China Hotel, originally police fire the old cadres retreat, a large green area. After the renovation environment is particularly beautiful, the hotel is located in the top of the hill, looking exceptionally pleasant scenery is high. We live in the room and opened the window you can see the beautiful Thousand Island Lake, the mood is exciting. To the lake to taste the delicious Qiandao Lake organic head, Feng we always generous as we add the food, you eat particularly happy. After a meal around the Qiandao Lake square, very comfortable.


Second days on a scenic spot in Qiandao Lake. Because we are a great number, exactly is 50 meeting the conditions of the Charter, and the patio, 35, is our Wanbang,. We first went to the plum peak view of the island, the Qiandao Lake panoramic view of the column to board on the top of the mountain after we see a misty lake panorama, like living in fairyland in general, mist durian island Ruoyinruoxian. Fish island is the second island, there is intermediate bridge view Yutai, thousands of brocade carp clashing, the scene is very spectacular. Our lunch is on the island to eat buffet, or eat more satisfied. The last tour is Longshan Island, which is mainly a Hai ancestral hall and some leaders visited Qiandao Lake.


The whole of the Qiandao Lake to me is the most impressive is the fresh air and clear water, especially on the cruise, open the window is too relaxed and pleasant. Or a few years later, when people mention Qiandao Lake, I just leave the two most essential things in my mind.

The tour was a great success, and we began to look forward to the next tour.