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“Step on Xianglu peak,in touch with nature”theme activity

Autumn, suitable for mountain climbing. Mountaineering can enhance body at the same time, promote the metabolism, stretches the physique, character, open mind, increase the cohesion. The company decided to conduct a mountaineering activities.

We choose the location of the gold area is located in will kuaijishan censer peak, shaoxing, the most famous buddhist holy land, mountain is not high, but every year attracts a large number of pilgrims and mountain climbing enthusiasts to visit.

At 8 o'clock,we started on time at the foot of the mountain climbing, the scenery is a panoramic view, but because it is sports, many colleagues are busy, just climb. Hiking is the best sport to hone man willpower, we hope that employees are put this spirit is projected onto the work, so special organized the activities. The results are not surprising, of course, is our little zhu first climbed to the top of the sales department. Xiao zhu is the elite in our business team, down-to-earth work, after the peak feng always special award the prize for him. I hope everyone to learn from him, all the nations of every employee in the future work morale.