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2013 see the mountains smallのtrip to huangshan


Huangshan is the must visit the shrine of letters since ancient times. The development of tourism in recent years, led to the increasing visitor Numbers of huangshan.

First introduce the geographical location and some history of huangshan. Huangshan mountain is located in southern anhui province huangshan city, formerly known as Yi mountain, because of the peak YanQing black, pale gave her the name. Once after the shaft yellow emperor in the blast hsien, li believed in Taoism, so Yu Tianbao six years to "huangshan mountain". The Ming dynasty traveler and geographer xu xiake two step into huangshan, said: at home and abroad, in what badge of huangshan. Huangshan mountain, the world no mountains, GuanZhi yi! Later extended to "return to watch five mountain, mount huangshan return from yue". Huangshan someone judges to have "the grandeur of Thai adai, HengYue of smoke and the awe of huashan mountain, KuangLu waterfall, the coincidence of yandang mountain stone, I putuoshan handsome". And known by the world as "the day the first one strange mountain". Huangshan in 1982 the first batch of national key scenic area; Huangshan in 1986 voted as one of China's top ten scenic spots, and is the only mountain scenic spot in China's top ten scenic spots; In December 1990, huangshan scenic area as both a cultural and natural heritage by UNESCO world heritage list; In February 2004, the world geological park. Huangshan is one of the top ten scenic spots in China, in 1990 won the award for the world cultural and natural heritage, 2004 to the first became the first world geological park, so as to become the world's first world cultural and natural heritage and world geological park three tourist resort of the highest honor. In a subtropical monsoon climate zone, huangshan mountain high deep valley, the vertical climate change, climate is characterized by fog, high humidity, precipitation. The main peak lotus peak, 1864.8 meters above sea level. Hot springs in the mountain, the cloud valley, pine valley, the north sea, jade screen, fishing bridge six scenic spots, beautiful landscapes, beautiful. Light look surprised some words and Numbers, yes the huangshan mountain is so strange, cause us to actually spent four hours on line by cable car, visitors is stunning.

As arranged tunxi old street the day before and the jade valley, so time is tight, huangshan is ideal arrangement should be the first day of go to huangshan, and then up a hill lived in the mountains, and the next day, watching the sunrise, then visit this may be more abundant. Huangshan is too large to add more people, don't go too fast. We lined up to 4 hours on the cable car to the jade screen peak, this time the beauty of the scene came into my eyes, surrounded by beautiful mountains in fog, is like concealed. Like a shy girl. The blue sky white cloud mountain, it is a wonderful landscapes. Next we went to a visitor, not far away is welcoming pine, with a lot of the barrier protection. It seems that she is very tired. We are here to eat lunch and then going to the top light, but it gets blocked. Can only be knocked back.

Down the hill, then I want to talk about this, why? I was walk down the mountain. Actually to climb a mountain, always want to experience the hardships of climbing the mountain is more appropriate. We chose a relatively easy walk down the mountain. Really are tired, but can watch the scenery all the way, it's worth. Keep keeping idea has been in the mind, we constantly calculates how far. 7 km to 5 km until... Arrived at the foot of the mountain was already exhausted. But in retrospect, is really a lot of things you can do. As long as adherence to crustily skin of head is probably a lot of things is adhere to is victory. Of course, all this is within the scope of reasonable capacity.

 In huangshan mountains small, and all the nations of the organization's pity aspect of the tour while there are many. But, is revealed to the essence of climbing the mountain we still insist on is victory. I believe we will conquer the huangshan melts into the work, the spirit of let all the nations company more healthy growth.