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In May 2012, Yangzhou - Zhenjiang two days travel


"Under the fireworks in March yangzhou" even though we come a little late, but the jiangnan facet unabated, the feeling of jiangnan water everywhere. The pavilions, the plants and trees had told us in yangzhou. West lake is yangzhou's famous scenic spot, I think maybe because she is thinner than the west lake for a relationship. Wandering in the west lake, really feel and we have a great deal of hangzhou west lake is different, if we hangzhou west lake can be seen as a graceful young girl, the lake is a beautiful good family shyness. More implicative melancholy, the inside of the road bend to bend. Five pavilion bridge is famous west lake scenic spot, was built after 22 years of qianlong (1757), is the north sea in Beijing of the five dragon pavilions and the marble seventeen-arch bridge which was built. "Five pavilions, built on the following four wings, little tunnel is side every ten five." Architectural styles of both the south show, also has the male of the north. Mid-Autumn festival night, can feel "aspects of west han moon, head empty YunRao, night listening to the jade flute" something great, but we should be out, due to the urgent time, we have to "say goodbye to cries".

The next station is we will go to zhenjiang, may be self understanding, zhenjiang this name what impressed me most classic pieces of the white snake, xu xian and the white niang son ever here is the open of shahe, showers of kindness they couple scenes also benefits local people moved. Yes! We went to the next station is located in zhenjiang jinshan temple, which is in the white snake and the lakers coach phil Jackson lived. The temple is different with other, mostly for some temples and statues. And jinshan temple is more of the jiangnan garden style, less play inside the oppression and bondage. Because time is abundant, I almost visited the whole jinshan temple. The beautiful scenery is really make people overwhelmed, feeling quite a lot.

Wanbang company organization of the tour that edify sentiment, our workers to relax the mood, at the same time in the tourism also let us have a more fully understanding between employees and increase the cohesion, effect is obvious.