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On May 24, 2012 among international freight to accept the People's Daily reports


For small businesses to reduce export costs
At present, the export situation is not optimistic, the foreign trade transformation and upgrading into the throes. Around to help small and medium export enterprises survive, zhejiang customs take a series of preferential measures to help small and medium-sized enterprises reduce trade cost. In April this year before implementation of zhejiang province foreign trade import and export gross of $94.83 billion, up 3.1% from a year earlier. Private enterprises import and export of us $52.41 billion, up 6.6% from a year earlier.
These two years, Europe and the United States economy, export market cold a lot. Affect export enterprises is not only the lack of external demand, rising cost of recruitment difficulties, but also pressure on enterprises "dashan". Recently, the reporter walked into zhejiang jiaxing the vertical plastic co., LTD., production workshop, the inside machines roar, dozens of machine working 24 hours.
"Companies are not to cease, and that doesn't mean you can make money." The appointed deputy general manager of the company to swim on ping told reporters, "now hiring a worker, the cost is about 3500 yuan a month, more than a few years ago rose more than 30%. Even so, or to find the ideal worker. At the end of march this year, the shipping company the freight is increased by about 20%, plus the appreciation of the renminbi, and the export price of the product is not changed, enterprises a lot of pressure."
Shaoxing customs deputy long Mr Chen thinks, foreign trade transformation and upgrading into the throes. Shaoxing, small and medium export enterprises in the majority, not timely transformation, will face the danger of elimination; Help the smooth transition of the enterprise, through, is to keep the economy healthy development important topic.
As a leading textile distribution center, a lot of shaoxing textile enterprises a single volume is small, usually need seven or eight companies to spell a container. In the past, LCL, inspection formalities to ningbo port customs, such as single trip, will increase a lot of cost. Shaoxing among Feng Guanfu forwarder company general manager said: "in shaoxing handle LCL business, each container at least cost savings 23000 yuan. This smaller on exports, but lots more small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises is definitely a positive." According to the measure, this year, there will be billions of dollars in shaoxing alone export goods can benefit from a local "LCL" customs clearance mode.
The fiscal and taxation, finance and other departments to support small and medium-sized enterprises also provides a number of policy support. Hangzhou of customs and excise king said it would closely tracking international market changes and demand, optimize the industrial layout, promote technological innovation, constantly optimize the mode of regulation, improve customs clearance efficiency, to cope with difficulties in the small and medium-sized enterprises, and try our best to achieve sustainable development.