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ISO9001 is the ISO9000 family of standards included one of the core is a set of quality management system standards. ISO9000 family of standards are the international organization for standardization (ISO) in 1994, put forward the concept of refers to "by ISO/TC176 (the international organization for standardization quality management and quality assurance technical committee) set by the international standards.
ISO9001 is used to provide organization has been proved to meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements of products, aims to enhance customer satisfaction. With the expansion of the commodity economy and the increasingly international, in order to improve the credibility of products, reduce duplication of inspection, weaken and eliminate technical barriers to trade, producers and JingXiaoZhe maintenance, users and consumers' rights and interests of the parties, the certification of the third party is not subject to both the economic interests of the production and sales, notarization, science, is the national evaluation and supervision over the quality of products and companies to pass; As a basis for the customer to the supplier quality system audit; Enterprise has the ability to meet the requirements of the order products technical.
All through the certification of enterprises, in the management system integration has reached the international standard, shows that the enterprise can continue to steadily provide customer expectations and satisfaction of qualified products. Stand in the perspective of consumers, the company take the customer as the center, to meet customer demand, to achieve customer satisfaction, not induce consumers.
Is ISO9001:2008 quality management system standard (containing all standard quality management system requirements, such as: ISO/TS16949, ISO22000, etc.) is characterized by specific activities for quality management system in general or specialized request, the idea is "consistent with minimal requirements to provide product compliance assurance and trust", its evaluation method is conformity assessment.